Long-length feature film in development

WRITER-DIRECTOR : Nader T. Homayoun

CO-AUTHOR : Hamed Rajabi

LENGTH : 100’

PRODUCTION : Sharing Productions

GENRE : Dramatic comedy



Bertrand is a vet in a small private clinic. It’s an absolutely routine job. Fortunately, Mr Yin’s boa helps him out, as does an English bulldog whose owner has abandoned him. His wife Julie, a dubbing actress, wants to return to the stage.

Their daughter Manon has discovered a passion for pantomime, so much so that she no longer speaks a word. Bertrand visits his shrink every week to find comfort. One Monday, he learns that she has died, not from a simple accident, but from a deliberate act. Shock and despair overwhelm him, depriving him of his only anchor in the turmoil of his life.

Driven by the desire to unravel the mystery surrounding this tragic act, he embarks on a quest that leads him to meet Florence, Emile’s wife. United in their search for the truth, they both venture into a troubling relationship, seeking to decipher the complex enigmas that have plagued Emile.




Born in Paris, Nader T. Homayoun studied literature in Iran before becoming a journalist and film critic. After graduating from La Fémis in 1997, he went on to direct documentaries and dramas, winning prizes at Venice, Angers and other international festivals for – among others – his first feature-length fiction film, ‘Tehran’, and two TV films for Arte, ‘Les pieds dans le tapis’ and ‘Noces d’or’. He also chairs the Cinéma(s) d’Iran festival in Paris, where he promotes independent Iranian cinema on the Parisian scene, and has set up his own production company.