Documentary in writing

WRITERS : Nader T. Homayoun et Sam Kalantari 

DIRECTOR : Nader T. Homayoun

LENGTH : 90’

PRODUCTION : Sharing Productions

COUNTRIES : France, Iran



Near Tehran stands the Razi psychiatric hospital, a microcosm of Iranian society. Its dilapidated buildings and dark corridors make it a refuge for those who have crossed the invisible line between sanity and madness. In telling its story, the film tells the story of Iran.

Attempted suicides, parricides, victims of incest and rape, war survivors, repeat offenders and those who crack under political and economic pressure make Razi the theatre of the inner struggles of Iranian society. Our team will plunge into the heart of this raw reality, capturing every moment, every crisis, every flash of lucidity in this world of shadows and torment. Each step down these haunted corridors reveals the scars of a tumultuous past, offering a unique insight into the present.




Born in Paris, Nader T. Homayoun studied literature in Iran before becoming a journalist and film critic. After graduating from La Fémis in 1997, he went on to direct documentaries and dramas, winning prizes at Venice, Angers and other international festivals for – among others – his first feature-length fiction film, ‘Tehran’, and two TV films for Arte, ‘Les pieds dans le tapis’ and ‘Noces d’or’. He also chairs the Cinéma(s) d’Iran festival in Paris, where he promotes independent Iranian cinema on the Parisian scene, and has set up his own production company.