Documentary in writing


LENGTH : 90’

PRODUCTION : Sharing Productions


Roxane L. is a young public prosecutor in a coastal town in Normandy. The pace of her life is hectic, with cases piling up on her desk: a minor shoplifting offence, a complaint of domestic violence, an assault outside a nightclub. Each day brings with it an aggressive image of a society in pain, with violence represented by the images of the news on every screen. So as not to lose the meaning of her work, she likes to travel: to schools for educators to talk about her work, to crime scenes, to meet the accused and the victims to find out about the context. 

On the eve of starting a family, Roxane sees her convictions to represent and defend an increasingly violent society shaken by a drug trafficking case involving a recidivist juvenile. The case leaves Roxane feeling powerless, both for justice and for herself. What if she had taken the wrong path? Why should she want to represent society? What is she trying to repair?

The moments of confidence with her secretary give rise to a complicity between the two women, even though they are separated by generations. Roxane listens to her elder sister’s reassuring words, which reinforce her inner conviction that she belongs, that she is useful.



Benoît Sourty is a novelist and director of some twenty documentaries for various television channels. He is also a scriptwriter and director of short and medium-length dramas. The author of two plays, he also produces theatrical recordings for various companies. He runs a film school in the Paris region. Three of his novels have been published: Loin des yeux (Éditions Travioles, 2009), Crache les cuisses (Éditions Fayard, 2014) and Je m’enneige (Éditions Asphalte, 2019). Rendez-vous – Pierre Turcotte Editeur – is a collection of short stories, each inspired by a city through which the author has travelled.