Documentary series in development

WRITER – DIRECTOR : Maxime Chefdeville

FORMAT : 5×20′

PRODUCTION : Sharing Productions


Don, an American reporter, goes through the Vietnam War and the end of Apartheid with his baseball glove. Lamine Gueye is the first black African to compete in the 1984 Olympic skiing competition, and Debra Austin the first African-American dancer to join a major ballet company. Herve Dubuisson is one of the first Frenchmen to play on major international basketball teams, but faces a serious accident that ends his career. And Melvin McNair gives up his position with a major American soccer team to defend his rights with the Black Panthers…

These portraits will carry stories as different as they are incredible, taking us back half a century. We will relive how the sport influenced their lives and sometimes how they influenced their sport… and their times.

Maxime Chefdeville

Maxime Chefdeville

Maxime Chefdeville is a young writer – director from Caen. He directs music videos for popular artists and advertising clips. In parallel, he realizes his ambition to direct fiction and documentary with short films and web series.

In 2020 and 2021, in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, he wrote and directed Résistance, a fictional web series with the help of technical friends, technical service providers and the Caen orchestra, which was then on hiatus. It has been multi-awarded all over the world: from the Luchon International Film Festival to the Seriesfest, including the European International Film Festival, the Gold Coast International Film Festival, and the Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards, for a total of 50 awards for 75 nominations.