Long-length feature film in writing

AUTHOR-DIRECTOR : Francisco López Ballo

LENGTH : 90’

PRODUCTION : Sharing Productions and Ballover Productions

PAYS : Chile

ORIGINAL LANGUAGES : Spanish, French, English


Olivier, a French astronomer, suffers a road accident in the middle of the Atacama Desert. He is found by Antonio, an indigenous Atacameño who decides to keep him captive with the intention of healing him. After his recovery Olivier decides to stay in the desert and try to understand more about the shaman’s ancestral wisdom.

Antonio agrees to Olivier accompanying him. They both begin a journey through the desert in which Antonio will show him some of the secrets of his culture, Atameña- Likan Antay. Antonio finally teaches him the reading that his people have of the night sky and the stars. Sometime later, Antonio leaves Olivier near the facilities of a new observatory located on a plain sacred to his culture.

Following a legend of the sky that Antonio taught him, Olivier will make a discovery that will change the way of seeing and understanding the formation of galaxies.